Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts
Strange and unexplainable perpendicular lines - a Geology mysteryClapham Junction and why it is called Clapham Junction - Cart Ruts intersecting pointsThe mystery of the Cart Ruts Triangles - can this puzzle be solved?Cart Ruts - Cart Rilles - east field of Clapham Junction in Malta near Buskett Gardens
Clapha Junction Malta - strange geology
Not just the mysterious Cart Ruts but Triangles, Squares, Ridges...
Clapham Junction, Malta - Cart Ruts
Why Clapham Junctin in Malta got its name! Why and what were these for?
Cart Ruts triangles at Clapham Junction
Why? How? When? Unexplainable by Geology but not in an Electric Universe
Guide to Clapham Junction Cart Ruts
Where and what to find and look for around Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) found near Dingli Cliffs - it's not just Cart Ruts :)

Clapham Junction Cart Ruts are the most famous Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) in Malta and the world. Clapham Junction or Ghar il-Kbir as it is known on the island of Malta by the Maltese. The Cart Ruts found here are the most numerous in one spot. One area of Clapham Junction has many, many Cart Ruts beside each other and interecting at what look like switch points, creating very sharp V's.

How were the Cart Ruts of Clapham Junction created?

No one knows. Many theories have been put forward, some based on what you can see, some based on ancient history, others using knowledge from other ancient civilisations or beliefs. It is very unlikely to be solved, which is part of the great fun and mystery of the Maltese Cart ruts and espcially those at Clapham Junction, Malta.

  • Clapham Junction, Malta - man made by ancient vehicles
  • They were the result of being worn down by heavy loads and multiple trips. This sounds sensible until you see the Cart Ruts around Malta and also at Clapham Junction. But if not this then what

  • Clapham Junction, Malta - man made by hand tools
  • Either the tracks were created by hand or existing ruts were improved to create Cart Ruts. Another sensible idea but why so many Cart Ruts beside each other? Especially at Clapham Junction. Why areas where there is "run off" points or multiple lanes on top of each other? Unless these were the result of Cart Ruts.

  • Clapham Junction, Malta - for irrigation
  • Another suggestion that just does not seem right but may be correct for some Cart Ruts found around Malta. Maybe not the ones found at Clapham Junction. Malta is a dry country now but was certainly different back in the day. Cart Ruts going off cliff tops and across bays seems to prove that.

  • Clapham Junction, Malta - other?
  • Maybe a longer list than the standard theories. If no one actually knows then who is to say they are wrong?

    Clapham Junction, Malta - Cart Ruts Map

    A general map showing the main locations of Cart Ruts in and around Clapham Junction, Malta. This includes the entrance, where to park, where to locate the main Cart Ruts in Clapham Junction and the other Cart Ruts (Cart Tracks) mysteries.
    Large Clapham Junction Cart Ruts Malta map click here
    Photo directions guide on how to get to Clapham Junction Malta and the Cart Ruts click here

    Clapham Junction, Malta - Photo Guides

    Clapham Junction is not just about Cart Ruts! Lots of interesting and puzzling stuff including the Clapham Junction Triangle, Cart Ruts trinagles, perfect rectangles and strang parallel lines that cut across the Cart Ruts in the south field of Clapham Junction. These photo guides of Clapham Junction are unique. There are also photographic pathfinders to other Cart Ruts locations around Malta, as the Maltese Cart Ruts are not just found at Clapham Junction. Some of the stranger ones are found elsewhere.

    Clapham Junction Malta Cart Ruts

    Clapham Junction Cart, Malta - Cart Ruts on east field
    A photographic guide with pathfinder directions to the Cart Ruts and other puzzles on the east section of Clapham Junction

    Cart Ruts Clapham Junction Malta, south field, intersecting

    Clapham Junction, Malta - Cart Ruts on south field
    Another photo location guide to Gћar il-Kbir Cart Ruts (Clapham Junction) and the mysterious geology associated with the Cart Tracks

    The Clapham Junction Triangle


    Seeing is believing...what? What don't you see? Do you see the amazing Clapham Junction Triangle? or don't you see anything apart from normal Clapham Junction Cart Ruts?

    How was this formed and how did it survive? Visit the "form guide" to find out latest ideas, research and maybe you can help solve the puzzle. Is it an Electric Universe?

    Clapham Junction Cart Ruts perfect rectangles

    Puzzling limestone Cart Ruts Squares found at Clapham Junction, Malta

    Perfect squares and rectangles found at Clapham Junction. Natural? Man made? A bit of both? Other? What you think counts but only if you say it. To share your wealth have a chat or enlighten others on the forum.

    Clapham Junction Malta - Cart Ruts photographs

    The largest and most unique collection of not just Clapham Junction Cart Ruts but Cart Tracks from all over Malta. Visit the ElectricYounivesE.